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We provide a variety of investigative services to commerce, the legal profession and the general public including:

Surveillance - Audio/Video - Fixed/Mobile
see 'Studio B'

We use state-of-the-art audio and video capture devices to produce high-quality audio and videotaped evidence for use in civil and criminal legal proceedings, as well as in theft and insurance fraud prevention. Our investigators are highly trained in covert surveillance techniques, sub rosa, and the utilization of high-tech electronic surveillance equipment. All services requested will always be performed in compliance with all applicable Federal and State laws. See 18USC2511 (Electronic Communications Privacy Act).


Infidelity - Cheating - see Tell Tale Signs

The unfaithfulness of a spouse is a heartbreaking situation. You need to know the truth. Your partner's illicit actions could endanger your health or even your life! This type of investigation is conducted with the utmost discretion. All evidence collected is admissible in a court of law.


Process Service - Locates - Rates

Do you need to locate friends, lost relatives, your biological parent(s) or a witness? Let us find them for you! We have extensive experience working with attorneys in civil and criminal cases. A successful service of process can be accomplished on a "RUSH" basis, within 24 hours. Evasive individuals, eluding service of process, are typically located and served within days, utilizing hardcore street level Investsigations and our in-house national and international databases. We will provide you with a detailed Affidavit of Personal Service, signed and notarized.


Missing Persons - Runaways - Skip Tracing

We follow the trail of missing persons by exhaustively researching numerous public and private indices. Our office works closely with law enforcement authorities and the families of missing or abducted children. Our investigations are always performed discreetly and confidentially. "Over the years I have developed contacts and relationships with many folks in different agencies, shelters and programs that help the Homeless and Runaways. Most of these contacts cannot be found in the phone book, in fact they may change on a daily or weekly basis. Definitely street level work".

See missing.


Civil & Criminal Research

We have access to extensive, nationwide public and private databases and can quickly and efficiently locate information on business partnerships and affiliations, past bankruptcies, lawsuits, and criminal convictions for attorneys, employers, insurance companies, lending institutions, landlords, and collection agencies.


Background Investigations

As an employer, you cannot afford to make costly hiring errors. Background investigations are inexpensive insurance against all types of employee abuses, including lawsuits, theft, assault, and fraud. Don't take unnecessary risks. Protect yourself and your company.


Domestic Abuse

Crimes of violence between domestic partners are on the rise. Using discreet electronic and other surveillance techniques, evidence of spousal or child abuse can be obtained that will withstand the scrutiny of a court of law. Don't live in fear any longer. Let us help you protect yourself and your children.


Internal Theft

Employee theft costs small and large business millions annually. Because your employees have access to proprietary business assets and information, it is imperative that dishonesty of any kind be dealt with immediately and with the kind of substantial, irrefutable hard evidence that our agency can provide.


Closed Circuit Television Systems

We are experienced in the implementation of electronic security systems. We can quickly assess your needs and assist you in the purchase and installation of closed circuit television and electronic security systems for your corporate building or private home.


Hidden Camera Systems

We specialize in the installation and use of high-resolution, sensitive, low light, extremely small and inconspicuous hidden camera systems. These systems are invaluable in protecting individuals, banks, stores, and businesses from crimes of all types. Short term deployments available.


Recorded Interviews - Statements

Years of experience have proven that vital or incriminating information is often revealed inadvertently. We create a comfortable environment for the interviewee, while carefully and methodically evaluating his or her answers to investigative questions. We are also experienced in interviewing individuals from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.


TSCM (Surveillance Countermeasures)

We can protect your privacy rights or your company's proprietary information against illegal and intrusive electronic surveillance devices. We are experienced in the detection and removal of highly sophisticated electronic surveillance devices.


Unsolved Crimes

Law enforcement agencies are often overwhelmed and justice is not served. We have assisted victims of crimes and their families attain closure by solving the unsolvable.


Audio Forensics - DeNoise

We offer high quality digital and analog processing of recorded audio in order to improve their value as evidence. Filtering out background noise and enhancing voice frequencies is often necessary to produce legally acceptable recorded evidence.


Wellness Checks

Check the status and update information on your long term claims. Includes Photographs if desired.

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